Together towards Kriya Consciousness

Kriya Intensive 2019, 31st May – 5th June

We move through Life practicing Consciousness Kriya. If we practice it daily, with devotion, faith and consistence, Kriya roots us in our true nature – Silence.

If we practice Kriya a hundred times, we have cleared the Karma of a hundred lives. The  Karma we have brought to this life to experience is being consumed faster, its being burnt and its vanishing.

When we practice Kriya in the presence of a master this spiritual rocket accelerates even more!

So this year we are gathering once again at the foot of the Bosnian Pyramids in the presence of the spiritual master Mohanji to practice this sacred technique for 6 days, to jumpstart our way to complete spiritual Liberation. High frequency of the Bosnian Pyramids in itself supports the spiritual awakening of an individual, while Mohanji’s consciousness and Shaktipat (Energy Transfer) eradicate the subtle seeds of karma even before they sprout.

The price of the program includes accommodation, food during the program, and programs with Mohanji. The whole profit goes to charity activities of Mohanji Foundation Serbia.

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The goal is important, but so is the way. Together it’s faster. Together it’s easier. Together is to get there as One – to the Kriya Consciousness.